I haven’t comment on the missing of MH370 as I think my comment is not the point; in fact I think everyone’s comments are unnecessary. Our comments? It doesn’t help. Our prayers? I’m sorry but I’m not sure if it works. BUT… that’s the least we could do right? Sending our prayers.

Having no comment does not mean I don’t care. Even though I know no one on board, but the ache of losing family and friends… you really don’t have to experience it to understand. Simply close your eyes and picture it. Yes, that’s the feeling. Its not just pain, its more than that isn’t it? How you never thought it may be your last good bye.

I read about news or short updates on MH370 but to be honest I am not sure which to believe. I saw blame and complaint; rage and sadness. But really, all I ever want is for MH370 to be found, and yes let’s face it.. dead or alive.

Why haven’t they confirm of the crashing? people ask. Perhaps it’s a protocol that if no debris found it can’t be treated as crashed. Spilt oil and some suspected items haven’t been verified excluded. Or maybe. .. they are hoping. Hoping that it’s some signal error,  hoping that MH370 is still out there,  flying or floating with 227 passenger and 12 crews alive.

Relating the incident to politics? Suspecting terrorists attack due to usage of 2 fake passports?  Honestly,  we don’t care. We don’t even care what happened, if only M370 could return unharmed and everyone’s living.

I pray, for everyone on board of MH370 to feel the love and hope sending out from around the world .

I pray, for those who are waiting for the returning of their love ones to hold on to their beliefs and facing all with unimaginable strengths.

I pray, for those who have nothing nice to say to stop commenting and giving personal opinion. . (screw freedom of speech and) just move on with your life like this never happened.

With hope.


2 thoughts on “MH370

  1. i have read hundards of comments on the search of mh370 all of them relied on the vhf
    communication obviously it has line of sight rang so case was complicated forcing every one to try this mode but i have always emphasised that we should not forget the impotance of hf asanalternate checks. i am very much disappointed that no one has refered result or respose of MH370 on hf selcal as this would have been open or pilot might have responded on it if other communication system were not responding .WAS THIS THIS MOD APPLIED?

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