Where’s my Easter egg?

Last day of the Easter break. Haven’t have any Easter egg. Not that I must have one though… but I am missing chocolate hot cross bun! Oh boy how I wish I’m in Aussieland now where it’s available almost everywhere.

Went Festival Walk for a sweet and short retail therapy on my own. Yes I enjoy my alone time while R is home. Bought 3 blue rays – Frozen, Mama Mia and Princess Mononoke. They are my all time favourite! I thought it’d be great to save these lovely movies for my future kids.

I have been using different skin cares. Sny-ake,  Aqua Moist,  Laroche and Laneige. Thought of trying Kielh’s for a while now. Read their product reviews and their products seems to be quite natural and with lots of positive testimonials. So, went in and got my skin tested (I’m considered oily skin btw), tried the samples and bought the whole series of clearly corrective white. to have clear, white and even skin tone. Hope it works!


Lunch is Kimchi Jigae at the food court. Big fan of Korean food. okay maybe not just Korean. I’m generally just biggest fan of all good food. That’s also why my weight hasn’t been dropping since… well, since I can pay my own bill. Yes I’m serious. I spend righteously now then I was before. Perhaps it’s because back then I’m spending my parents hard earn money. Definitely not mine although it’s my pocket money or monthly allowance.

Now I spend what I earn and it makes me happy.


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